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Consumers are waking up to the information that is available to them online, when they are interested in a business or service. In fact, nowadays, a majority of people check out companies online, before they visit them or make a purchase. Google has proved itself as a very valuable tool to find out about local and working class businesses, offering a huge list of results and information, as well as location details and even positions on their maps service. The maps can be a very important tool, especially with the modern features that are now available with them, such as street viewer and 360 virtual tours. Virtual tours are a very new development to marketing through Google, however they can offer any everyday company a huge amount of benefit. If you think that you would like to start looking into how that benefit can start applying to your business, then you know you can count on us, at Working Class SEO.

Using Google Street View

All of us are aware of what Google street view can offer us, however rarely consider how it could be helping out with your marketing plan. Aside from leading into a virtual tour, a company that has been properly set up through GMB and Google Maps will be able to direct interested people to your location and show them exactly what they look like, in the real world. That gives people confidence and security over your brand as a reputable company, something which is going to help you turn potential clients into real sales.

Setting Up a 360° Virtual Tour

Setting up a 360° virtual tour could be a great way for you to do more with what street view can offer you. When your company is searched through the search engine, you are able to offer your clients a way to see inside your property and really get a feel for what the environment is like. Using our pro equipment, our team will be able to help you capture the interior of your business location and turn it into an engaging experience, for prospective clientele.

How A Virtual Tour Can Help You

Unlike any other digital marketing method, a virtual tour will allow your audience to better connect with your space. It can capture your products, layout, furniture and the general atmosphere of your location, to give them a clear feel and understanding of what they can expect from you. For places like restaurants, sporting facilities, clothing stores, car dealerships and whole load of others, that could be a great way to reach your audience. And, when handled by our team, you can bet that your virtual tour will be seamlessly included into your overall marketing plan.

Professional Facilities

Of course, if you want to take advantage of a 360° virtual tour, you are going to need to make use of the proper, professional equipment and facilities. You need specialized cameras and some expert support stitching all of the video together. By choosing to work with our team, you know you are getting all of those things, so you can say for certain that you are going to be able to make the most of what virtual tours can offer you.

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