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Advertising has been around for decades now. Always coming in a different form for the time, it always proves itself to be an effective way to market a business or product. In the modern day, that is absolutely no different. However, instead of the best ads being found in newspapers and in public spaces, they are now found online. Through the various available mediums on the internet, paid online advertising has been proven to be very successful and in some of the fastest times possible. And, one of the greatest benefits that come from using this type of advertising is measurable statistics, that can help to make alterations and changes, throughout the campaign. But whilst it may sound simple, to reach the greatest results for your brand, it is imperative that you are making use of professional services, from a team that you can trust. Luckily for you, you know you have us on your side for exactly that, at Working Class SEO.

Why Use Paid Advertising?

As a local, working class company, we know that paid advertising might seem off-putting, simply because you need to pay extra for it. Whilst that might be the case, you absolutely should not be avoiding this method, as it could easily prove to be the most profitable for you. In fact, for a very affordable price, you could be exposing your company or products to a very wide audience, online. At the same time, through our professional methods with our various advertising platforms, we are able to target key demographics, that are going to relate much closer to your brand.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have shown themselves to be one of the most effective advertising platforms on the internet, today. That is because, with over 2 billion active monthly users that have already categorized themselves with their likes and interests, there is a wide and accessible market waiting for you. Moreover, Facebook offer some of the most affordable rates on advertising campaigns throughout all of today’s popular platforms. The combination of all of these could mean that making use of Facebook ads might be the very best thing that you ever do.

Google Ads

Unlike any other platform, making use of Google for your advertising opens up your brand to the largest market on the internet. Google is easily the most frequented site on the internet, garnering billions of clicks, each and every day. That obviously means a huge audience that you could tap into, with some carefully crafted advertising. Trust the job to us and we will apply all of our skill and technique, towards finding the most success through your Google advertising campaigns.


One of the fastest growing and most engaging platforms around today, is YouTube. Millions of viewers record billions of views each day, with many unique niches existing across the site. Tapping into each niche that matches up to your product or target audience could see you exposing your brand to people that are going to have a much greater interest in your products. That could equate to a superior lead conversion rate, which is obviously going to guarantee you the greatest results on the minimum investment.

Working Class SEO